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Project:  Structural and Function Characterization of Mega Assemblies
Disciplines:  Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Cell Biology
Mentor:  Andre Hoelz, Professor of Biochemistry, (CCE),, Phone: 626-395-8480
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Background:  In eukaryotic cells, the spatial segregation of replication and transcription in the nucleus and transition in the cytoplasm imposes the requirement of transporting thousands of macromolecules between these two compartments. Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are the sole gateways that facilitate this macromolecuar exchange across the nuclear envelope with the help of soluble transport receptors. Whereas the mobile transport machinery is reasonably well understood at the atomic level, a commensurate structural characterization of the NPC has only begun in the past few years.

Our lab carries out structure-function studies of the nuclear pore complex with the ultimate goal of elucidating the atomic structure of the NPC. The applied structure determination as well as the described design principles.
Description:  The student will work with a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow to purify and crystallize protein complexes and to carry out functional analyses in yeast.
References:  Hoelz et al., The structure of the nuclear pore complex., Annu Rev Bioch. 2011 Jun 7;80:613-43.
Student Requirements:  Prior laboratory experience in structural biology laboratory would be beneficial.
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       Amgen Scholars    Non-Caltech students only  

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