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Project:  Organic Synthesis and Methods Development
Discipline:  Chemistry
Mentor:  Brian Stoltz, Professor of Chemistry, (CCE),, Phone: 626-395-6064
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Background:  At the core of chemistry rests the power to manipulate the elements for the preparation of specific arrays of atoms in a predictable and reliable fashion. As synthetic chemists, our capacity to construct molecules with exquisite precision is unique in the sciences. The design and development of new approaches toward constructing important linkages and implementing these methods in highly complex situations is a key feature of our research.
Description:  The student will learn fundamental techniques in laboratory synthesis, reaction design, and optimization.
Student Requirements:  Sophomore level organic chemistry (full year)
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       Amgen Scholars    Non-Caltech students only  
       SURF    both Caltech and non-Caltech students 

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