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Project:  Research in atomic, optical, and quantum areas
Disciplines:  Physics/Applied Physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics
Mentor:  Nan Yu, (JPL),, Phone: (818) 354-4093
Mentor URL:  (opens in new window)
Background:  Students highly motivated in science and technology to work with Quantum Sciences and Technology group teams on various atomic, optical and quantum research tasks under the supervision of the group supervisor. Emphasis will be on experimental efforts including computer interface and programming. Provide help and assistance in vacuum systems, optical setups, electronics, computer control, lab testing, data collection and analysis, as well as general assistance in experiments and labs.
Description:  There are several active research and development projects in the group. The activities range from basic concept studies, proof-of-principle demonstrations in the laboratory, and instrument implementation. We develop novel frequency standards and clocks, related precision sensor technologies, as well as cold atom physics facility in space. Current research areas include: 1) micro sized trapped ion atomic clocks, 2) optical lattice clocks; and 3) Atomic inertial sensor development 4) dark energy and dark matter detection with precision measurements, and 5) laser interferometer and noise suppression in gravitational wave detection, 5) Cold Atom in space, and 6) Planetary gravity measurements and tests of fundamental physics with atomic clocks and sensors.
Student Requirements:  Course works and first hand experience in physics, analysis, laboratory skills including electronics and programing are highly desirable.
Location / Safety:  Project building and/or room locations: . Student will need special safety training: Yes.
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       SURF    Caltech students only 

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