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Project:  Nanofabrication Study using He, Ne & Ga Focused Ion Beam System
Disciplines:  Physics, Materials Science
Mentor:  Oskar Painter, John G. Braun Professor of Applied Physics, (EAS),, Phone: 626-395-8008
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AO Contact:  Matthew Hunt,
Background:  Focused Ion Beam (FIB) microscopy has been used in device fabrication and material characterization for a few decades, commonly leveraging a gallium liquid metal ion source (LMIS) and scanning beam technology to directly machine features on length scales ranging from 10s of nanometers to 10s of micrometers. Recent advances in gas field ion sources (GFIS) have allowed for the development of He and Ne ion microscopy, which use an order of magnitude smaller probe size to machine sub-10 nm features and acquire images with sub-nm resolution. The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) has recently installed a He/Ne/Ga tri-beam system in its on-campus cleanroom to aid in device fabrication and characterization. The selected student will use the new microscope to study the effects of beam--specimen interactions on device performance by creating and testing nanoscale structures. The project will be co-mentored by Professor of Applied Physics and KNI Co-Director, Oskar Painter, and KNI staff microscopist, Matthew Hunt.
Description:  The student will develop a study that characterizes a way -- or ways -- in which He/Ne/Ga ion beam species impact the performance of the kinds of electronic, optical and mechanical devices that are typically fabricated in the KNI. For example, the student may (1) conceive of test structures that could be used to isolate edge geometry or ion implantation effects, (2) use the ion microscope to create those structures on semiconductor and/or insulator materials, then (3) characterize them via bench-top electronic and/or optical measurement. The student will be instructed on the principles and operation of ion and electron microscopy, and any other necessary fabrication and characterization techniques available in the cleanroom.
References:  Painter Lab Research:
He/Ne/Ga FIB (Zeiss Orion NanoFab):
Intro to Focused Ion Beams:
Intro to Scanning Electron Microscopy:
Student Requirements:  Coursework in physics and materials science; detail-oriented approach to optimization is necessary for fabrication; experience with optical/electronic measurement systems is desired.
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