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Project:  Technologies for Serving and Visualizing Vertical Profile Data Along Satellite Tracks
Disciplines:  Computer Science, Earth Science
Mentor:  Joe Roberts, (JPL),, Phone: (818) 393-8249
Background:  NASAs Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) provides a full-resolution image archive and access services for over 100 NASA Earth Science data products. Its image server component, OnEarth, is an open source image processing and server software package originally developed at JPL. OnEarth specializes in rapidly serving tiled raster imagery over the web to client applications such as NASA Worldview and the State of the Oceans (SOTO) visualization tool at PO.DAAC. Visualizations of vertical profile data (i.e., "data curtains") captured along satellite tracks are not currently supported. The team is investigating ways to support this type of visualization in the software.
Description:  This project involves the investigation of technologies that can be used as standards to serve and visualize vertical profile data captured on the web (see example here: NASA GIBS currently serves only 2D imagery--the project will break out of this traditional area into 3D space and will require the use of new tools that can keep up with performance and usability requirements. Server-side tools will be a major focus. Other methods of displaying the data, such as point clouds, may also be investigated using technologies such as 3D Tiles and VR.
Student Requirements:  Computer programming, experience with Web Mapping tools (e.g., OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium), experience with Unity 3D
Location / Safety:  Project building and/or room locations: . Student will need special safety training: No.
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       SURF    both Caltech and non-Caltech students 

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