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SURF: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty and JPL technical staff for the SURF program. Additional AOs for the Amgen Scholars program can be found here.

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Each AO indicates whether or not it is open to non-Caltech students. If an AO is NOT open to non-Caltech students, please DO NOT contact the mentor.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor.

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Students pursuing opportunities at JPL must be
U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

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Project:  Simulating material microstructure evolution at the mesoscale
Disciplines:  Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science
Mentor:  Brandon Runnels, Assistant Professor, (EAS),, Phone: 719-255-3430
Mentor URL:  (opens in new window)
Background:  NOTE: This project is being offered by a Caltech alum and will be conducted at the University of Colorado Springs.
The key to discovering new materials with exceptional properties lies our the ability to understand their behavior at the nanometer and micrometer length scales. However, current ability to model material mechanics at these scales using physics-based models is very limited. In this project, we will develop, improve, and use computational models for microstructure evolution. These models couple material physics at multiple levels ranging from atomic to continuum, and are implemented using high performance computing methods so that they can be run on supercomputing platforms.
Description:  The student will model microstructure evolution by improving/implementing/debuggin current computational microstructure evolution models for grain boundary mediated plasticity and microstructure evolution. They will run simulations of nano and microscale microstructures in aluminum and copper and compare/quantify against experimental findings to validate the models. Time permitting, they will use the code to generate massive virtual microstructures and use machine learning to identify common trends in microstructures with high strength and ductility.

Student Requirements:  Because this project is computation-intensive, the student will ideally have experience with C++ programming in a Linux environment, as well as continuum and computational mechanics.
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       SURF    Caltech students only 

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