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SURF: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty and JPL technical staff for the SURF program. Additional AOs for the Amgen Scholars program can be found here.

Specific GROWTH projects being offerred for summer 2019 can be found here.

Each AO indicates whether or not it is open to non-Caltech students. If an AO is NOT open to non-Caltech students, please DO NOT contact the mentor.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor.

Announcements for external summer programs are listed here.

Students pursuing opportunities at JPL must be
U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

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Project:  Psychophysical studies of human cognitive control
Disciplines:  Computer Science, Control and Dynamical Systems
Mentor:  Ralph Adolphs, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, (HSS),, Phone: 16263954486
Mentor URL:  (opens in new window)
AO Contact:  Ralph Adolphs,
Background:  Cognitive control is at the core of human cognition. In an ever-changing world, we need to constantly adjust our behaviors and adapt to environmental changes; cognitive control is recruited to override responses that were appropriate for the previous context but become inappropriate for the current context, in favor of those that are currently appropriate. How do we measure cognitive control? Is cognitive control a domain-general ability that can resolve any conflicts inside the brain regardless of the way they are generated, or do specific tasks tap into specific set of cognitive control mechanisms?
Description:  You will be involved in designing psychophysics experiments, run these experiments on human subjects in the lab, and analyze the obtained behavioral data. You will receive training in psychophysics, experimental design, and data analysis.
References:  “Conflict monitoring and cognitive control” by Botvinick Barch Carter and Cohen
“Neurophysiology of performance monitoring and adaptive behavior” by Ullsperger
“Neurophysiology of performance monitoring and adaptive behavior” by Shenhav Botvinick and Cohen
Student Requirements:  Programming skills are required; students are expected to code in either MATLAB, Python or R.
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       Amgen Scholars    Non-Caltech students only  
       SURF    Caltech students only 

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