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SURF: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty and JPL technical staff for the SURF program. Additional AOs for the Amgen Scholars program can be found here.

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Each AO indicates whether or not it is open to non-Caltech students. If an AO is NOT open to non-Caltech students, please DO NOT contact the mentor.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor.

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Students pursuing opportunities at JPL must be
U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

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Project:  Galaxy formation and evolution over cosmic time on large scales
Discipline:  Astronomy/Astrophysics
Mentor:  Tzu-Ching Chang, (JPL),
Background:  Large galaxy surveys play a critical role in our understanding of the Universe and its evolution. Most of these studies detect the brightest individual objects and miss a large number of fainter galaxies that probe the Universe in complementary ways. A new technique called Intensity Mapping (IM) is emerging as an unique tool to explore the faintest and the brightest galaxies via the observation of large areas of the sky. This technique can teach us when the first galaxies appeared, how the light managed to escape from their centers and travel the vast space until reaching our telescopes, and how these galaxies have been evolving until the present day. JPL is a pioneering center for this new technique and is involved in the theoretical and instrumental development, with several experiments on the ground and in space that are on-going or in the planning.
Description:  The project will include numerical modeling and/or theoretical formulations to identify potential probes useful for intensity mapping experiments. For
instance, we study how combining radiation at different wavelengths can reveal different processes happening in the galaxies and on large scales, and we investigate other physical processes that can be applied to this study. We have a set of numerical simulations that we want to run and use to
explore how the radiation travels through the gas, revealing the important physical processes that are critical in understanding galaxy formation and evolution.
References:; SPHEREx official Webpage
Student Requirements:  Programming experience (in Python, C or Fortran). Basic Astrophysics and/or Cosmology knowledge.
Location / Safety:  Project building and/or room locations: . Student will need special safety training: No.
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       SURF    both Caltech and non-Caltech students 

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