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Amgen Scholars: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty for the Amgen Scholars program.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor. For additional tips on identifying a mentor click here.

Please remember:

  • Students pursuing Amgen must be U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or students with DACA status.
  • Students pursuing Amgen must complete the 10-week program from June 21 - August 25, 2023. Students must commit to these dates. No exceptions will be made.
  • Accepted students must live in provided Caltech housing.

The requested research listing (ID 2661) is no longer available.

Project Title Disciplines Mentor  Posted 
Data2Discovery: Creating a Data Visualization Retrospective    Computer Science, Applied Art and Science Mushkin Hillary  16-Feb-23
Ignition of sustainable aviation fuels in hot air atmospheres    Aeronautics, Environmental Science and Engineering Joseph Shepherd  14-Feb-23
Effective Data Inspection Tools in Virtual Reality     Computer Science, Data Visualization Santiago Lombeyda  13-Feb-23
Joint reconstruction-segmentation using graph-based methods    Applied and Computational Mathematics Franca Hoffmann  13-Feb-23
Joint reconstruction-segmentation using the Bhattacharyya coefficient    Applied and Computational Mathematics Franca Hoffmann  13-Feb-23
Merged Magnetic Stars    Astrophysics James Fuller  13-Feb-23
Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Stars and Spins of Merging Compact Objects     Astrophysics Jim Fuller  12-Feb-23
Release of the Spitzer Warm Mission Enhanced Imaging Products    Astronomy, Astrophysics Schuyler Van Dyk  10-Feb-23
Land surface modeling using the novel Julia programming language    Environmental Science and Engineering, Modeling, Environmental Science Christian Frankenberg  08-Feb-23
Estimation of computational models of the impact of attention on simple choice using Julia    Computer Science, Computation and Neural Systems Antonio Rangel  02-Feb-23
GPU estimation of computational models of the impact of attention on simple choice    Computer Science Antonio Rangel  02-Feb-23
Measuring the central black hole spin and inner disk density of dwarf AGN    Astronomy, Astrophysics Labani Mallick  01-Feb-23
Developing basic readout and analysis tools for Quantum Capacitance Detectors    Physics, Applied Physics Sunil Golwala  28-Jan-23
Investigation of hydrothermal alteration of the ocean crust and serpentinization in the upper mantle, and on other planetary bodies, through imaging spectroscopy    Geology, Geochemistry Rebecca Greenberger  20-Jan-23
Engineering plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere for a more sustainable agriculture    Bioengineering, Biotechnology Gözde Demirer  20-Jan-23
Engineering genetically-encoded nanoparticles for efficient protein delivery in plants    Chemical Engineering, Gene editing, Nanotechnology Gözde Demirer  20-Jan-23
Optimization of plastic scinitillator bars for the LDMX experiment    Physics DAVID HITLIN  19-Jan-23
A photosensor for the readout of barium fluoride scintillator    Physics David Hitlin  18-Jan-23
General GPS Division SURF opportunities announcement    Multidisciplinary, Geology, Geochemistry, Geobiology, Geophysics, Planetary Science, Environmental Science & Engineering Paul Asimow  18-Jan-23
Searching for Binary Stars in the Smallest Galaxies     Astronomy Josh Simon  17-Jan-23
Investigating the marine biogeochemical response to climate change through a paired kerogen-pyrite sulfur isotope proxy    Geobiology, Geochemistry Alex Sessions  17-Jan-23
Comparing gene variant detection methods - a Data Science Approach    Data Science, Biology Ashish Mahabal  12-Jan-23
An interdisciplinary project aimed at developing effective solutions and implementations for future challenges and opportunities    Environmental Science and Engineering, Astronomy Yuk Yung  11-Jan-23
Diurnal simulations of Venus atmospheric chemistry     Multidisciplinary, Chemistry Yuk Yung  11-Jan-23
Using Machine Learning to extract novel information from large and complex astronomical datasets    Astrophysics, Applied and Computational Mathematics Dalya Baron  11-Jan-23
Interrogating the vertical evolution of marine particulate organic matter via compound-specific isotope analysis    Geobiology Alex Sessions  10-Jan-23
Characterization of hazardous asteroids with thermal infrared data.     Planetary Science, Astronomy Joseph Masiero  05-Jan-23
Exploring the future of machine learning in astronomy    Astronomy, Data Science Matthew Graham  05-Jan-23
Accelerating astrophysical transient classifiers with FPGAs    Astronomy, Data Science Matthew Graham  03-Jan-23
A high resolution study of AGN variability with TESS    Astrophysics, Data Science Matthew Graham  03-Jan-23
Liquid biopsy cell-free DNA detection of residual disease after cancer treatment    Biology, Computer Science Aadel Chaudhuri  03-Jan-23
Effects of alpine terrain on diurnal and seasonally varying reservoir surface winds, water velocities and mixing in Lake Arrowhead, California as a case study    Engineering and Applied Science, Computational Methods, CS David James  22-Dec-22
Dusty galaxies as seen by SPHEREx    Astronomy, Computer Science Andreas Faisst  21-Dec-22
Understanding Misclassifications - a data Science Approach    Multidisciplinary, Data Science, Medical Science Ashish Mahabal  20-Dec-22
How Subliminal Sensory Information Processing Influences Conscious Perception Across Human Senses    Neuroscience, Psychology Shin Shimojo  16-Dec-22
Simultaneous velocity and thermal measurement applied to combustion processes     Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Joseph Shepherd  16-Dec-22
Coupled solid and fluid simulations of AP/HTPB propellant burn    Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics Brandon Runnels  16-Dec-22
Using Machine Learning to Explore Material Failure    Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Brandon Runnels  13-Dec-22
Novel MRI Methods    Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering Shreyas Vasanawala  13-Dec-22
Theory of Electronic Fractals in Quantum Materials    Physics Erica Carlson  12-Dec-22
Multiple Projects in Galaxy Evolution and Data Science    Astronomy, Computer Science, Physics Charles Steinhardt  09-Dec-22
Stability of Periodic Traveling Waves    Mathematics, Computational and Mathematical Sciences Jared Bronski  08-Dec-22
Machine learning assistant fracture mechanics and fracture resistant material design    Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Vinamra Agrawal  08-Dec-22
Stability of shock-induced separated flow    Aeronautics, Mechanical Engineering Chih-Yung Wen  08-Dec-22
Observational Cosomology    Physics, Astrophysics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering William Jones  08-Dec-22
When Digital Image Correlation Meets Machine Learning    Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Jin Yang  07-Dec-22
Venturing into the unseen    Neuroscience Shinsuke Shimojo  06-Dec-22
Research in Computational Differential Geometry    Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics Yakov Berchenko-Kogan  06-Dec-22
Einstein at Caltech    History, Physics, CS Diana Kormos Buchwald  30-Nov-22
Multiscale Theory and Applications to Predictions on Structures of GPCRs coupled to GProtein and drugs candidates    Multidisciplinary, biochemistry William Goddard  28-Nov-22
Deciphering dark proteome-mediated transcriptional control at single-molecule resolution    Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Biochemistry Shasha Chong  26-Nov-22
2D Topological Superconductors    Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering Suyang Xu  25-Nov-22
Transfer Learning Leveraging Large-Scale Transcriptomics to Model Diseases With Limited Data    Computer Science, Biology Christina Theodoris  21-Nov-22
Role of nuclear migration in wrapping glia in Drosophia eye development    Biology Y. Henry Sun  21-Nov-22
Using AI to Generate Efficient Stimuli for Neurons    Neuroscience, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Sung Soo Kim  21-Nov-22
Probabilistic Modeling of Genome Evolution    Biology, or any discipline with the right background David Liberles  15-Nov-22
Interdisciplinary Research Projects to Solve Problems in Global Health    Multidisciplinary, Medical Engineering Rustem Ismagilov  15-Nov-22
Quality control of mitochondria    Biology, Cell biology David Chan  04-Nov-22
Structural and Function Characterization of Mega Assemblies     Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Cell Biology Andre Hoelz  02-Nov-22