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SURF: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty and JPL technical staff for the SURF program. Additional AOs for the Amgen Scholars program can be found here.

Specific GROWTH projects being offerred for summer 2018 can be found here.

Students pursuing opportunities at JPL must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

Each AO indicates whether or not it is open to non-Caltech students. If an AO is NOT open to non-Caltech students, please DO NOT contact the mentor.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor.

Announcements for external summer programs are listed here.

The requested research listing (ID 1587) is no longer available.

Project Title Disciplines Mentor  Posted 
Rapid finite source modeling and tsunami early warning    Earth Science, Physics/Applied Physics Zhen Liu (JPL)  13-Dec-17
Improved time series analysis using space geodesy    Earth Science, Geological/geophysical engineering Zhen Liu (JPL)  13-Dec-17
Analysis and Archiving of Near- and Mid-Infrared Observations of Jupiter and Saturn    Planetary Science, Computer Sciences Glenn Orton (JPL)  13-Dec-17
Visualization for Mars 2020 Terrain Relative Navigation    Computer Science, robotics Andrew Johnson (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Planetary Protection Support for the Mars 2020 Mission    Biology/Bioengineering, Microbiology, Molecular Biology Timothy Shirey (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Microorganisms Associated with Mars-Bound Spacecraft: Preservation, Identification, Characterization    Biology/Bioengineering, Microbiology Arman Seuylemezian (JPL)  11-Dec-17
MALDI-TOF Isolate Database Generation & Planetary Protection Archive Upkeep    Biology/Bioengineering, Computer Science Wayne Schubert (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Heat Inactivation of Encapsulated Bacterial Spores    Biology/Bioengineering, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Wayne Schubert (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Characterization of ISS microorganisms: Antibiotic profiling, biofilm formation, countermeasure development     Biology/Bioengineering, Computer Science Kasthuri Venkateswaran (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Battery chemistry assesment for sterilization/microbial reduction     Biology/Bioengineering, Microbiology Ganesh Babu Malli Mohan (JPL)  11-Dec-17
Kronoseismology: Saturn's Normal-Mode Oscillations    Planetary Science, Astronomy/Astrophysics Andrew Friedson (JPL)  10-Dec-17
Shaking Durations for Rapid Response Earthquake Products (ShakeMap)    Geophysics, Mathematics, Statistics/Coding (Python) David Wald  08-Dec-17
Multiple Projects in Galaxy Evolution    Astronomy, Computer Science Charles Steinhardt  07-Dec-17
Single Molecule Analysis of Protein Translocation Mechanisms    Chemistry, Biology, or Physics Siegfried Musser  07-Dec-17
Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors for Deep Space Optical Communication    Physics/Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering Matthew Shaw (JPL)  06-Dec-17
Data Analysis and Tool Development for Mars 2020 Lander Vision System    Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Nikolas Trawny (JPL)  06-Dec-17
Searching for Martian Sedimentary Iron Oxide Deposits    Planetary Science Abigail Fraeman (JPL)  06-Dec-17
Dust devils on Mars    Planetary Science, Astronomy Leslie Tamppari (JPL)  06-Dec-17
Algorithms in Markets When Humans Are Still in Control: An Experimental Investigation    Multidisciplinary, any major from EAS, Mathematics, Physics Elena Asparouhova  05-Dec-17
Europa Flight Software Test and Tool Development    Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Cindy Oda (JPL)  04-Dec-17
Gut-Brain Interactions in Huntington's Disease     Neuroscience, Biology Ali Khoshnan  04-Dec-17
Barefoot Rover Data Taking & Machine Learning (ML) Analysis    Computer Science, Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning Lukas Mandrake (JPL)  04-Dec-17
In-orbit Capture Mechanism Design for Mars Sample Return    Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Paulo Younse (JPL)  04-Dec-17
Genetic inventory of microbes present on spacecraft and spacecraft associated surfaces.    Biology/Bioengineering, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry Lisa Guan (JPL)  03-Dec-17
Development of Planetary Protection Sterilization Techniques and Processes    Biology/Bioengineering, planetary protection Laura Newlin (JPL)  03-Dec-17
Decoding Interpersonal Curiosity     Data Science, Behavioral Science Colin Camerer  03-Dec-17
Analysis of Martian Dune Activity in the Northern Hemisphere    Planetary Science Serina Diniega (JPL)  30-Nov-17
Generalizing wind farm wake models for improved wind farm layout design    Multidisciplinary, Engineering, Physics, Applied Mathematics Dennice Gayme  29-Nov-17
Measuring Galaxy Redshifts for the Dark Energy Survey (DES)    Astronomy/Astrophysics, Computer Science Jason Rhodes (JPL)  28-Nov-17
Intelligent Robotic Assistant with natural language capabilities    Computer Science, EE and CS Adrian Stoica (JPL)  28-Nov-17
Inflatable Giacometti Robots    Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical Eng, Adrian Stoica (JPL)  28-Nov-17
Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning    Computer Science, Mathematics Adrian Stoica (JPL)  28-Nov-17
Development of targeted therapies for peroxisome biogenesis disorders    Biology, Chemistry Joseph Hacia  28-Nov-17
Physical basis of consciousness: a computational project    Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering Naotsugu Tsuchiya  27-Nov-17
Time reversal violation in nuclear beta decay    Physics, Applied Physics John Behr  27-Nov-17
Supernova Neutrinos    Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science Kate Scholberg  27-Nov-17
Comparitive Genomics    Biology/Bioengineering, Bioinformatics Hyung Park (JPL)  27-Nov-17
Modeling the Architecture of a Simple Neural Circuit for Identifying Odors    Neuroscience, Computation and Neural Systems Elizabeth Hong  21-Nov-17
Neural Basis of Olfactory Preference Behaviors    Neuroscience, Computation and Neural Systems Elizabeth Hong  21-Nov-17
Swarms of Robot Boats Multi-Agent Planning and Autonomy Software Architecture    Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Michael Wolf (JPL)  21-Nov-17
Cancer Genome Evolution    Multidisciplinary, Physical Sciences, Computational Biology, Engineering and Applied Sciences Cheng-Zhong Zhang  20-Nov-17
MicroCT studies of nucleation and crystal growth    Chemistry, Materials Science, Biochemistry John Evans  20-Nov-17
Novel MRI Methods    Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering Shreyas Vasanawala  20-Nov-17
Symmetry and Homogeneity as the Guiding Principles in Energy Materials Design    Chemistry, Materials Science Nicholas Stadie  20-Nov-17
Microorganisms Associated with Mars-Bound Spacecraft: Preservation, Identification, Characterization    Biology/Bioengineering, Microbiology Arman Seuylemezian (JPL)  20-Nov-17
COSMIC: Labels & verification for ML Change Detection onboard mars orbiters    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Machine Learning / Data Science Lukas Mandrake (JPL)  15-Nov-17
Searching for New Particles and Forces With Polar Molecules    Physics, Applied Physics Nick Hutzler  14-Nov-17
Set Theory    Mathematics Alexander Kechris  13-Nov-17
Ismagilov Lab (microfluidics, diagnostics, devices, microbiome)    Chemical Engineering, Medical Engineering Rustem Ismagilov  13-Nov-17
Social Parasites: Evolution of Symbioses Between Beetles and Ants    Biology Joseph Parker  13-Nov-17
Metabolic Control of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway    Multidisciplinary, Chemistry, Biology Alison Ondrus  12-Nov-17
Mars Data Analysis    Planetary Science, Earth Science Matthew Golombek (JPL)  09-Nov-17
a synthetic genetic system to investigate neuronal connections in brain circuits    Biology, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Carlos Lois  09-Nov-17
Circumstellar Matter (Jets, Disks and Torii) in Young and Dying Stars    Astronomy/Astrophysics, Computational/Programming Raghvendra Sahai (JPL)  08-Nov-17
Modeling and Simulation of Planetary Space Platforms     Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Abhinandan Jain (JPL)  06-Nov-17
SWOT Xband Telecom GSE Support    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Analog and Digital Communications Jose Fernandez (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Uncertainty Assessment of the Performance Attributes and Reliability of a Command & Data Handling Processor Board with Complex Active Components    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Reliability Engineering Mark White (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Supercritical CO2 Extraction and on-line Chromatography for Ocean Worlds    Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Instrument Development Bryana Henderson (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Regional Climate Modeling and Evaluation    Earth Science, Computer Science Duane Waliser (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Research in laser ranging and synthetic tracking    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, optical engineering Inseob Hahn (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Path planning and controls for high speed boats    Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Joshua Vander Hook (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Polarimetric precipitation scattering simulator    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Physics/Applied Physics Robert Beauchamp (JPL)  01-Nov-17
From Innovation to Flight - Pilot Projects    Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical Eng, Adrian Stoica (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Ground Penetrating Radar Quadcopter    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Geological/Geophysical Engineering Tushar Thrivikraman (JPL)  01-Nov-17
DTN Network Monitor and Control for Cubesats    Computer Science, Computer Engineering Jordan Torgerson (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Electrical System Design and Validation for Portable Life Detection Instrumentation    Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Peter Willis (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Enhancing Analytics for Large-Scale Hybrid Cloud Science Data Systems    Computer Science, SAR processing and analysis Lan Dang (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Europa Clipper Flight System Behavior Specification    Systems Engineering, Computer Science Michel Ingham (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Europa Clipper Project Software Systems Engineering    Computer Science, Systems Engineering Michel Ingham (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts insertion into Space Systems: Innovative Methods and Techniques for Low-Cost Risk Mitigation of COTS Parts exposed to space environments    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Reliability Engineering Mark White (JPL)  01-Nov-17
APPS Label Design Tool Development    Computer Science, Planetary Science Stirling Algermissen (JPL)  01-Nov-17
Atmospheric Rivers : Science and Applications    Earth Science, Environmental Science Duane Waliser (JPL)  01-Nov-17