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Announcements of Opportunity

SURF: Announcements of Opportunity

Below are Announcements of Opportunity posted by Caltech faculty and JPL technical staff for the SURF program.

Each AO indicates whether or not it is open to non-Caltech students. If an AO is NOT open to non-Caltech students, please DO NOT contact the mentor.

Announcements of Opportunity are posted as they are received. Please check back regularly for new AO submissions! Remember: This is just one way that you can go about identifying a suitable project and/or mentor. Click here for more tips on finding a mentor.

Announcements for external summer programs are listed here.

New for 2021: Students applying for JPL projects should complete a SURF@JPL application instead of a "regular" SURF application.

Students pursuing opportunities at JPL must be
U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

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Project:  Exoplanet Technology lab summer research opportunities
Discipline:  Astronomy
Mentor:  Dimitri Mawet, Professor of Astronomy, (PMA), dmawet@astro.caltech.edu, Phone: 6263951452
Mentor URL:  https://etlab.caltech.edu/  (opens in new window)
Background:  We are looking for summer students to help design instruments, test experimental technologies, and analyze data from new instruments that we have built. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are not offering any hands-on lab work this year, but we do have opportunities to work on lab experiments remotely. The summer projects are listed below under a few different themes.
Description:  The ET Lab offers multiple research projects in the following areas:
- Simulation and experimental work to inform future instrument design
- Data Reduction Pipeline Development and Instrument Characterization
-Data analysis and the development of new techniques to maximize the science of existing data

Visit https://etlab.caltech.edu/opportunities/summer-internships for additional details.

Student Requirements:  Experience in at least one of the following subjects is recommended but not required: astronomy (exoplanets), observing experience, data analysis, optical testing, notions of python or equivalent.
Programs:  This AO can be done under the following programs:

  Program    Available To
       SURF    both Caltech and non-Caltech students 

Click on a program name for program info and application requirements.

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